1. About the On-demand Statistics Course in English

1-1. Objectives of this course

"The On-demand Statistics Course in English" provided by Center for Statistics and Information is a learning program aiming to improve students' statistical analysis skills by studying statistics theory and data analysis in English.

This course is planned for a student to strengthen data analytical ability and the international communicative competence that society demands, and the reinforcement of the data analytical ability of the foreign student is also possible because this content's courses are all English.

1-2. Course content

Using " Quality Trainer " provided by American company Minitab, you learn contents of E-learning in the on-demand (by PC). You really perform a statistical analysis by using statistics software " Minitab " after the on-demand learning.
Students' also can ask questions to teach​er directly by during the on-demand schooling.


1-3.Course structure

Chapter Section
1.Descriptive Statistics and​ Graphical AnalysisTypes of Data
Using Graphs to Analyze Data
Using Statistics to Analyze Data
2.Statistical InferenceFundamentals of Statistical Inference
Sampling Distributions
Normal Distribution
3.Hypothesis Tests and Confidence Intervals Tests and Confidence Intervals
1-Sample t-Test
2 Variances Test
2-Sample t-Test
Paired t-Test
1 Proportion Test
2 Proportions Test
Chi-Square Test
4.Control ChartsStatistical Process Control
Control Charts for Variables Data in Subgroups
Control Charts for Individual Observations
Control Charts for Attributes Data
5.Process Capability Process Capability for Normal Data
Capability Indices
Process Capability for Nonnormal Data
6.Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)Fundamentals of ANOVA
7.Correlation and RegressionRelationship Between Two Quantitative Variables
Simple Regression
8.Measurement Systems Analysis Fundamentals of Measurement Systems Analysis
Repeatability and Reproducibility
Graphical Analysis of a Gage R&R ​Study
ANOVA with a Gage R&R Study
Gage Linearity and Bias Study
Attribute Agreement Analysis
9.Design of Experiments Factorial Designs
Blocking and Incorporating Center Points
Fractional Factorial Designs
Response Optimization

◆Basic course: Chapter 1, 2, 3
◆Advanced course: Chapter 6, 7, 9
◆Quality management course: Chapter 4, 5, 8

*When you completed Basic and Advanced courses, it is the same as the second grade statistics     level in Japan Statistical Society Certificate.

1-4. Instructors

Kazunori Yamaguchi  (Professor,College of Business)
Kotaro Ohashi (Assistant Professor, Center for Statitics and Information )​​​

1-5. About Schooling

  Please confirm the schooling details !


 ◆Schooling Date: 20 Jan, 2015  12:15~13:00
   ◆Class room No.: 8402
   ◆Number of students: 30



2-1. How to apply for the course

Access the following link below, and apply to this course.


*You must creating a Minitab ID and Password for the attendance this course, read this manual E-learning sig​n-in manual.pdf.

2-2. Application period, number of students​

The application period: From on the 1st to 20th of DECEMBER 2014. 
Number of students: To 60 upper limits

*When this course reach applicants number, it will be end.
  ​This course start is the 22nd of December, after you get a registration mail.

2-3.Taking the course

​After the deadline, you will get an invitation e-maill from customerservice@minitab.com and click URL in the sentence, your registration will complete.

Here is "The e-learnning sign in manual"​.
​~The ​On-demand Statistics Courses in English~「E-learning Sign in manual」Attention When you creat a Minitab account, use your V-campus ID.
​   Particularly, this password is not the same as V-campus ID's Password. 

2-4. Eligible students

All undergraduate students and graduate st​udents attending Rikkyo University are eligible for the course.

Attention : This course is not available to non-Rikkyo University students.

2-5. Completion of the course

This course will finish the 28th of FEBRUARY,2015. Students who have achieved the course in the due date, publishes the certificate of each courses(Basic, Advanced, Quality management) if you would prefer.

The student attending a lecture will keep it in mind not to give it up till the last.

2-6.Contact us

Email:csi-info@rikkyo.ac.jp Center for Statistics and Information Office​